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Purchase of office equip. The following additional info was provided: At year accounting homework help forum, merch. This represented rent for the months of Dec through Feb. Straight-line depreciation is accountibg. Please just confirm or correct me if I'm wrong or need guidance please. I'm trying to understand what accounts are affected by the additional info and what amounts need adjustments so that I can balance out my income statement and balance sheet. Term paper helper not sure if I should do journal entries to help me understand this better, maybe someone else can please give me some direction on how to approach this.

Thanks for any help you provide. Last edited by bamf; at .

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July 03, Types of essays What is a 5-Paragraph Essay. The 5 paragraph essay is considered to be the standard essay writing assignment. It is used in most exams such as TOEFL, IELTS, and the SAT. Since most of these exams limit the student time-wise in the "Writing" section, students are trained to memorize this format. This allows the student to answer the exam prompt quickly and efficiently. The best aspect of this kind of assignment is its plasticity in terms of different essay styles. PersuasiveArgumentativeExpositoryNarrativeand Cause and Effect essays are just some examples of essays that can be written within the 5 paragraph format.

Good Example Topics Can one learn a life lesson from an experience that they didn't have. Can you learn from other people's mistakes. Is animal testing ethical. Should laws on gun-control be more strict. Should the death penalty be abolished completely. Should marijuana be legalized. Should education be free for all students. The topics listed above are some of the most common topics students write 5-paragraph essays about.

Of course, they are not limited to only these. Outline This type of essay has a very specific outline; It starts with an Introduction, goes to Body Paragraph 1, Body Paragraph 2, Body Paragraph 3, and sums things up with a Conclusion. Each body paragraph serves a specific purpose, and the essay is in the form of a keyhole. This means that it starts out very BROAD, gets more NARROW and finishes out BROAD.

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I've been trying two days to find a solution to my problem though,unfortunately I'm stuck. The problem demands the creation of a program that is able to calculate the geeometric and the fortran homework help mean of a 5-digit integer. In addition the program checks and denies with approriate message numbers other than 5 digits in lenght. Ultimately the harmonic mean should be calculated only when all of the 5 digits are diffrent than 0.

So what is really baffling me is how to break apart a 5 digit number and use it's digits for my calculations. I know that the code is not right though I assume it will much easier if a solve this question. I've written a few codes though none of them seems right to me. I would really appreciate your help,thanks in advance 3. The attempt at a solution Remember, decimal numbers are representations of powers of ten placed in position such that the most significant digits are to the left.

If you divide byyou're going to get 5. Once you determine the left-most digit, you should be able to calculate the residual number,and repeat the process until all of the digits in the original number have been determined. There are other methods which may be employed, such as reading the input number as a character string and identifying each digit from the string..

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Introductions and Conclusons Writing Conclusions The conclusion is your last chance to persuade the reader or impress upon them your qualifications. Endings are the last experience an admissions officer has with your essay, so you need to make those words and thoughts count. You should not feel obligated to tie everything up into a neat bow. The essay can conclude with some ambiguity, if appropriate, as long as it offers insights. DOs Expand upon the broader implications of your discussion.

This could include the following strategies: Consider linking your conclusion to your introduction to establish a sense of balance by reiterating introductory phrases. Redefine a term used previously in your body paragraphs. End with uc davis waitlist essay help famous quote that is relevant to your argument.

Do not TRY to do this, as this approach is overdone. This should come naturally. Frame your discussion within a larger context or show that your topic has widespread appeal. Tie the conclusion back to your introduction. A nice conclusion makes use of the creativity you used in your introduction. If you used an anecdote in your intro, use the conclusion to finish telling that story. Try to end on a positive note.

You may want to restate your goals in terms of how they will be fulfilled at the institution to which you are applying. Since the essay is rather short to begin with, the reader should not need see more be reminded of what you wrote words beforehand. You do not need to wrap up your essay in a nice little package. It should be an ending, not a summary. Try to Explain the Unexplainable. Your essay need not be so tidy that you can answer why people die or why starvation exists -- you are not writing a sitcom -- but it should forge some attempt at closure.

Before you move on to Lesson Six: Editing and Revisingyou should take a break. Let your draft sit for a day or two. You need to distance yourself from the piece so you can gain objectivity.

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Help me with my Homework. Amazing homework writing solution. Order your essay Wondering who can Help me with my Homework. The answer is Here. Your professors and parents think that it is easy to be a student. Most unfortunately, but they judge from their own experiences and do not take into account modern challenges that international students are put through today. Someone can even laugh at you when you ask: They say that you just need to attend classes and do your assignments properly, that is all.

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We have a good track record while dealing with UOP assignments. Our experienced tutors can provide UOP coursework help. What Our Clients Think About Us Awesome Homework Help providers If you are looking for a legitimate homework help service, then trust me guys, you cannot find anything better than MakeMyAssignments.

I used their WhatsApp number to contact them. I am overwhelmed with the response and the work homework help for uop they provided. Keep it up -Charles Morgan, UK 5. Keep it up -Charles Morgan, Homework help for uop https: At the first moment I was reluctant to pay them. However, they offered me a deal to pay only a small part of the payment upp they will provide me a draft of work. If I will like it, then I can order for the rest. The work was indeed amazing..