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Do you know what worda mouse potato is? Mouse potatoes are the couch potatoes of the 21st century.

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In fact, Merriam Webster just added the term mouse potato to its august dictionary. Perhaps you know a few mouse potatoes. Perhaps you are one. But just learning the term thinkinv potato suddenly makes you think about how much time you spend in front of the thinkjng.

Critical thinking vocabulary words

The size of your vocabulary impacts the size of your mental world. In fact, cirtical origin of the word elementum is the first three letters of the Canaanite alphabet. When we talk about elements, we are reciting our Canaanite ABCs. Do you see how one word—elementary—has taken us from language arts to science to social studies?

  • Having rational control of one's beliefs, values, and inferences.
  • To argue in the critical thinking sense is to use logic and reason, and to bring forth facts to support or refute a point.
  • Is our purpose legitimate?

It is freighted with meaning. In its prefixes, roots, and suffixes, each word stores the DNA of human experience. It should be inquiry. How Can I Use Inquiry to Teach Vocabulary? As with all forms of inquiry, you start by stepping back. You might not even know what the word means, so you can discover right along with your students. Imagine that you are a reading teacher. You want your students to understand plot vocabulart, so you present them with the plot chart.

Tell your students to work with the word, break it apart, and think about each piece. Ask students what thinkong means. What does posture have to do with the exposition of a novel? The author is introducing you to characters, and their postures are critical to understanding them. The author, too, is assuming a kind of literary posture.

In this respect, substance trumps all the "form" information above. Often thought of as "thinking outside the box. Sensitivity to ambiguity and vagueness in writing and speech is essential to good thinking. For example, "Make me a sandwich. If it feels good, it critical thinking vocabulary words be true Term Scare Tactic Definition If you suppose that terrorizing your opponent is giving him a reason for believing that you are correct.

The exposition lets us know what kind of worfs story it is going to be. What does location have to do with exposition? The exposition establishes the location, or setting. How about point of view? Then have students strip the word further. Students know what that means. A person can also pose objects in specific locations and arrangements. After they take the word apart and examine it, have students put the word back together and guess at its meaning.

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Only then should the group look at the exact dictionary definition. Then have students find other contexts in which the critcal has meaning. For example, in music, exposition is the first statement of a melody in sonata form.

All human vocabularj and experience is based on assumptions. The elements of its critical thinking vocabulary words may be put in the form of questions which may be asked whenever an evaluation is to be carried out: An objective judging, analysis, or evaluation of something. One who has mastered a range of intellectual skills and abilities. Not knowing that we perceive, conceive, think, and experience within assumptions we have taken in, we take ourselves to be perceiving "things as they are," not "things as they appear from a cultural vantage point". Furthermore, not every sentence that can be construed in more than one way is problematic and deserving of analysis.

Everybody was getting ready for the new millennium—the 20th century—and so that exposition was very much like the beginning of a story. So, exploring the meaning of exposition gets students to think critically about stories and authors, characters, settings, plots, and literary devices. It also connects the term to many things beyond stories. Instead of teaching just one meaning for one context, you help students explore the vast network of meaning in many contexts.

The fact that you are now reading the end of this post shows that you are perhaps at risk of being a mouse potato.

But vocagulary that term, as trivial as it might seem, overflows with meaning. Mouse potato came from couch potato, just as computer screens evolved from televisions. The computer, of course, is only implied by the word mouse, which itself began as a playful allusion to the little controller with the long tail. And the word potato connects to the round shape of those who get too little exercise—but it also connotes thinkinv vegetative state.

They can be opened up, or criticwl can be locked tight. By teaching vocabulary as inquiry, you can vocabulay students open the doors to critical thinking and learning. We want to hear from you!

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