Help writing tok essay

Help writing tok essay

SELECT A TITLE FROM THE LIST PROVIDED BY THE IB. Do not instantly seize upon a title that sounds appealing and plunge into it headlong. Instead, read carefully all titles that is, all topics or questions on the list. Which one allows you to demonstrate best YOUR understanding of TOK issues and your own critical skills? Remember that you may not change the title to something else that you wish you had been asked, but must respond to what the IB has given.

What are the key words or concepts? Are there key words of the Theory of Knowledge course in the title -- words such as "belief", "justification", or "truth"? Are you clear about what they mean? Are you aware of ambiguities, or of possible alternative meanings?

Think back on class discussions and check class notes. How are the key concepts related to each other? Put the title into your own words to make sure you understand what is being asked. Do not even consider skipping this step. What exactly are you being told to do? What are the key words of instruction? If wriging are told to "analyse" or "evaluate" a claim, then you are supposed to consider the arguments both for and against it, taking into account any ambiguities interpreting it.

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Possible responses, for example: If you are asked "to what extent" or "in what way" hel statement is justified, then you are being asked the same thing, but in different words. If you are being asked a question directly "Is x true? If you are asked to "compare" areas of knowledge or ways of knowing, justifications, methodologies, or the like, you are being asked to examine both similarities and differences in response to the title. In some cases, the "how" question is simply a variation of "in what way? Ultimately, all titles in Theory of Knowledge, no matter how they are phrased, ask you to do the same thing.

You are being asked to think critically about major issues of knowledge. These instructions tell you exactly what you are expected to do in your essay: Always justify your statements and provide relevant examples to illustrate your arguments, and remember to consider what can be said against them. If you use external sources, cite them according to a recognized convention. Examiners mark essays against the title as set.

Respond to the title as article source do not alter it in any way. Your essay must be between and words help writing tok essay length. Pay attention to the description of the top mark in each of the six criteria in order to set your goals for an appropriate click. It does you little good to esway a brilliant game of football if you are being assessed on playing tennis.

Note that the first two criteria emphasized in importance by being given double knowledge implied by the prescribed title is at the core of the Knowledge Issue s criterion, and that esay and evaluation are at the core of the Quality of Analysis criterion.

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GATHER YOUR IDEAS a Now look back to the title you have chosen and start to identify the problems of knowledge that it raises. This is a crucial step. Look at the descriptions of the zeroes in the Assessment Criteria! Do you understand clearly what a "problem of knowledge" is? If not, re-read the explanation: Uncertainties and difficulties are an integral part of our search for knowledge, and may even depending on your values make it more humanly interesting.

Do not treat an area of knowledge as inherently inferior simply because it is more difficult to assert that we can know something in that area than it is in others.

Do all sesay see these problems in the same way? What comparisons can you draw, what general conclusions do you reach, and what arguments can be made against those conclusions? What are the implications of your yelp points? Can you find examples to illustrate essat arguments? Rwiting down your ideas quickly, without trying to structure them yet. Write until your mind runs dry.

To illustrate your points, gather examples from notes and texts from your other IB courses, the media, people you know, your personal experience, and any other relevant sources. Keep track of the sources of your examples and of any ideas you gather in this stage, so that you can include them as citation later if necessary.

Remember, though, that the TOK essay learn more here not a research paper. You will not find your response to the title in a book; books and other sources give you only the raw material which you must shape into your own response.

This step of gathering ideas is often challenging -- and extremely enjoyable, II is a chance to engage your own mind in considering the central TOK question: Moreover, you will be given credit in your essay for pulling together the relevant ideas in a way that reflects your own thinking. If you find this step difficult, remember that no one is born as far as I know! It takes concentration and practice to learn to swim, to salsa. Allow yourself only a few minutes wriring wail, "But I can't. As you put your ideas in to related groups and shuffle them into order, you should identify your THESIS -- that is, the central point or argument which you want to make in your essay.

Distil it into a single sentence and write it at the top of your plan. Make sure that every subsection of your essay develops this core idea wrtiing some way, including considering counter-arguments to it. There are many possible ways of structuring ideas in an essay, depending on the topic.

Play around with an outline or mindmap until a sequence comes together. There is no formula for a perfect plan. The only essential uelp is that the sequence of ideas must develop your thesis, which in turn must respond to click prescribed title.

WRITE THE ESSAY By now you have done extensive thinking and planning -- help writing tok essay you still have no essay! The actual writing, though, is only a small part of a good essay, and if you have prepared well, it should be straightforward. Keep the following points in mind as you write and revise your draft: Know where you want to go and don't use up hundreds of words just getting started.

Your essay must be between and words in length, so control the degree to which help writing tok essay expand on an idea as you hep. Doing so is not easy, but it is easier than trying to readjust your whole essay at the end. Click here not, however, pad out your essay with definitions of terms which are not particularly ambiguous.

Do not drop into your essay lumps of definition which contribute nothing to your argument and ignored thereafter. Do not, above all, use a dictionary definition to bypass complexities. Your teacher or examiner will be not impressed if, after a course in which you discuss possible understandings of "truth" or "knowledge," "solve" this problem of knowledge by plunging down a citation from the dictionary as if you have thereby settled the matter! Make sure, moreover, that they really do hhelp the points you are making.

A reference to the Copernican Revolution and Galileo, for example, may illustrate a change in beliefs, but it does not demonstrate an understanding of revolutionary thinking within contemporary science.

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Is there no other example you might find in science in the past years? If you are speaking about your own experiences or beliefs, you will probably want to do so.

Are your assertions accurate? Acknowledge the source of any quotation or unusual pieces of information, using acceptable conventions of footnotes and bibliography.

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When in doubt, exsay is better to footnote too much than too little. There is no article source or wrong answer" to a prescribed title: Your essay will be evaluated upon the strength of your arguments. An effective conclusion must reflect those arguments. Check for mistakes in sentence structure, grammar, word choice, and spelling.

Errors can interfere with the clarity of language and argument.

If you are told to "analyse" or "evaluate" a claim, then you are supposed to consider the arguments both for and against it, taking into account any help writing tok essay interpreting it. Your thesis may be: Write each paragraph so that it contributes to achieving the essay's plan; and write each sentence so that it contributes to the aim of the paragraph. Two paragraphs totalling words Paragraph 2 —Claim.

HAND IT IN -- AND CELEBRATE! A good Theory of Knowledge essay demands that you think deeply about questions of truth which thread themselves through all areas of your life. If you have done your best to take a significant question of knowledge and made it your won, you have achieved a goal central to your International Baccalaureate diploma -- and potentially important in the growth of your own thinking.

Whatever the mark on the essay may end up being, you have reason for celebration.


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