Writing a reflective essay in nursing


Teacher ENG 28 March Reflective Essay Clinical placement is a good chance for nursing students to practice clinical skills, as well as experience the real working environment. However, the process of actually bringing theories and knowledge learned from writin into practical application is not simple; this requires not only patience and determination but also various learning skills.

The reflective practice helps nurses to maintain and constantly update their knowledge, as well as construct clinical skills by learning from real practice ANMC In this essay I will reflect on my unpleasant experience and demonstrate how this could be used as an evidence to prove how reflective activities effectively assist nurses with professional development. This reflection will follow Gibbs here model, which describes the experience, my personal feelings; then analyze and evaluate on my actions, indicate what were my strengths and weakness.

Finally, a detailed action plan will be formed for future practice. As nursihg visual learner, I learn best with visualization and mind mapping. My thoughts and actions are easily affected by my feelings. The first step enables my thought to flow, allowing me to picture the whole experience while putting aside my own judgment. By doing this I can review the situation with a clear non-biased mind.

Writing a reflective essay in nursing

The second step helps me to explore my pattern of thinking and how my emotions effect my actions. These two steps will supply me with comprehensive subjective information for the following steps of the model. The situation happened when I was doing my placement at the pulmonary rehabilitation ward in a hospital. Mr X was admitted to hospital about few days ago with exacerbation Chronic Obstruction Pulmonary Disease COPD.

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When I came to Mr. X bed, I saw Mr. X was siting straight up on his bed; his wife was feeding him. The BiPap machine was taken off, and nyrsing was on normal nasal cannula. X what happened and why he stopped using the BiPAP machine, due to the fact that Mr. X oxygen saturation was a bit low so he would be on BiPAP machine for today, which I heard during the handover activity meeting this morning, Mrs. X told me that it was because Mr. So she took the BiPap mask out and put the normal nasal cannula on in order to feed him. She said she would put the BiPap machine back immediately after the breakfast, and it would not be long.

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I was convinced by her words and confident. Then I started taking Mr.

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I checked his medical record and found out that nursibg has modified oxygen saturation rate, and his current one was still in the safe range. X appearance, asked him a few questions to confirm his physical and mental condition. X looked quite stable, his voice was clear, and he ate a lot of food.

However, I was still worried for Mr.

X to finish his meal, to ensure that nothing went wrong and the prescribed equipment would be used. During z time, I regularly checked his oxygen saturation. I notice that Mr. I raised the concern to Mrs. X, but she told me to not worry, as Mr. X nearly finished his meal. She claimed that they were using that machine at home so she knew it very well. I was wondering whether I should report to the RN, when the RN came by and saw it. The nurse was very angry. She rushed in, quickly took off the nasal cannula, put the Bipap mask on Mr. X, and blamed me loudly in front of all patients.

X claimed that she was taking care of her husband for years and knew her husband condition very well. The nurse seemed to be so annoyed with the whole situation, she ignored what Mrs. X said and kept on checking on Mr. X and blaming me for not reporting to her writint. Approximately a few minutes later with the Bipap machine on, Mr. X told me that nurse was always unfriendly, and that she was sorry about what happened to me. I reassured her that I was refpective and told her to take good care of Mr. X then returned to my work. At the beginning of the whole things, I did feel that I should not let Mrs.

X remove the Bipap machine, but I was not confident enough to stop her from doing so. I could not deny that I felt Mrs. X action might cause some harm on Mr. Therefore, when the nurse came and found out the situation and put the machine back on Mr. X face I felt much relieved, as I knew that was how things should be. However, when the nurse kept on blaming me loudly in front of others and ignoring the fact that I was not the one who actually removed the mask, my feelings changed from initially feeling guilty to feeling defensive. After all it was not me who removed Mr. But the nurse did not take any into account.

I started to agree with Mrs. However, when my anger subsided, I reflected on the whole situation and sadly admitted that I was the one at fault. Firstly, I was at fault for not firmly stopping Mrs. X from removing the Bipap machine at the beginning.

This site is temporarily unavailable If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. However, by utilising the consultation model I feel I managed to keep a focused approach and ensure the correct questions where asked. I can now see that my inaction in this incident put Mr Khan's writing a reflective essay in nursing at risk. I was also being closely monitored throughout which did increase the pressure to deliver the correct diagnosis and make appropriate decisions. Relating dignity in the care Mr Moses, dignity will be define as care given to Mr Moses that will uphold, promote and not degrade nusing self respect despite his present situation being wet with urine and smell of faecesfrail or his age SCIE, How SpeedyPaper Essay writing service works?

If I did so, the situation would not have occured. It definitely has some different functions than normal ventilation support equipment like a nasal cannula.

X took care of her husband, I can feel that she really wanted to be involved in caring for Mr. When the message is received, it is interpreted and normally a response is given. Approximately a few minutes later with the Bipap machine on, Mr. In search of the whole person. Ours was specifically to revolve around a positive experience in placement.

But as I did not have any knowledge about that, I have no firm reason or proper evidence to argue with Mrs. In addition when Mrs. X stated that they were using it at home aa she knew it very well, I was convinced, and gave up. As a nurse, I owe the patient a duty of care, but I indirectly put the patient in danger without recognizing it. Secondly, I was also at fault for not reporting it to essaj registered nurse in charge. I should always remember that nursing is team work. Each team member has responsibility to share information that he or she obtained to the rest of the team.

It nursin ensure that a patient-centred care would be planned and delivered comprehensively. The positive point in this whole situation was that I decided to stay with patient and closely follow up his condition. But I realized that the nurse did not explain to Mrs.

  • I cannot assume that the nurse understood how much I cared if I did nothing to show that.
  • Opportunities and Challenges for Nursing.
  • However, the process of actually bringing theories and knowledge learned from university into practical application is not simple; this requires not only patience and determination but also various learning skills.

X that the biPap machine, called a bilevel positive airway pressure machine, will create a supporting pressure which will help her husband balancing the amount of his inspiration and expiration, to ensure a suitable heated humidified air flow to his lungs which a nasal cannula cannot. I believe that if the nurse had explained, Mrs. X writing a reflective essay in nursing understand thoroughly and will not repeat that action again in future. She would be a very good source for the nurse in planning care for the patient. The reason might be not having breakfast; it may be some side effects of a drug or be a symptom for some underlying condition that should be considered.

Then I started to analyse the whole situation, writinh think about what I should do differently. Firstly, I should explain to Mrs. I should indicate the fact that Mr. I should not feel embarrassing for not knowing about that machine. X more than the nasal cannula. I should reflevtive myself for not being able to give her a detailed explanation and ask her to wait while I check with the registered nurse nuraing doctor.

I should use Mr. X safety to convince her. I believe if I had conducted myself in this way, Mrs.

Writing a reflective essay in nursing

X would have listened to me and things would have turned out totally differently. X still insisted to remove the machine, I should report to nurse in charge immediately. Secondly, I should practice to be more confident and actively take place in care team. I am student at the moment Although I was student, I am still a member of care team. In future, I will graduate and become registered nurse, I should take this chance to learn from this situation as it geflective normal for me to not knowing everything. From the whole experience, I have learned that good communication is very important in delivering care.

Good communication will ensure the flow of information exchange not only between nurses with patients, but also between nurses and other members of the writong team. In the relationship between nurses and patients, nurses need to actively listen to their patients, pick out necessary information, and build trust with them. In this situation, the nurse did not pay attention on Mrs. By the way Mrs. X took care of her husband, I can feel that she really wanted to be involved in caring for Mr. She definitely would be a valuable resource. If the nurse can communicate in a more flexible way, nudsing provide her with proper education, the nurse will have a special and extremely useful assistant in taking care of Mr.

In the relationship between nurses and other member of care team, nurses play a frontline role. In this situation, although I collected all information about Mr. X, but as Refleective did article source deliver it, this information becomes useless. Despite how my mind worried here cared for Mr. X, if I did not express my concern, and put it into action it is meaningless. My anger at the end of that experience was very unreasonable.

I cannot assume that the nurse understood how much I cared if I did nothing to show that. After I reflected on the whole experience, I establish a proper action for the future. Next time, my goal will be establish good relationship with both patients and health care team by communicating effectively. Normally, the relationship between me and the patients seems good. The problem is I am not assertive enough. I will attend the presentation skill short course held by Learning Devlopment Center and the Presentation Club in building My target is to improve my confidence, learn how to overcome being nervous when I state my opinion or argue with someone.

I will also attend the online course Terminology for international medical students at website coursera. Another of my problems is a lack of knowledge. Before my next placement, I will try to make a list of medical equipment at my nuraing place and commonly used medicine.

I will do some research to obtain more thorough knowledge in order that I would not fall into the same situation. And in the case I that I am unsure, I will not hesitate to raise the questions. My click to see more outcome at the end of my next clinical placement will be a more confident me, who is equipped with updated knowledge, can communicate flexibly and integrate well with health care team. In conclusion, using the reflective process, I have identified my strength How much I care for patientand weakness lack of confidence, bad communication.

Before the reflective process, the whole situation was an unpleasant memory, but after reflection, it becomes a memorable lesson.


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