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Ivory research essay writing service Friday, April 7, Updated Friday, April 7, Joke!

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I have used them 4 times; the first 2 wasn't a bad job which was an editing and a proofreading, it was a bit expensive but was a good work. They have however massively messed up one of my essay, which was an rather not popular subject, because of that, I specifically asked for someone who will know the subject, and contact me before they start writing it.

Ivory research essay writing service

It did came back a few days later without having had the writer to contact me first. The essay was a joke, a complete joke! The whole essay was full of hot air and without any deep knowledge at all, it had 11 references, for a master level, words essay!

You get to work with a professional writer. Me top quality essay writing services is your reliable source of essay help. How is ordering an essay beneficial? This often leads to a breakdown of communication. Even a rewrite of a pretty good essay takes as long as writing from scratch, sometimes longer.

The writer clearly does not have any basic knowledge with the subject: I called for help and the even provided some hence via E-mail instructing how the writer should have changed the whole thing. The "edited" essay came back almost ivory research essay writing service before it was edited, so I called again and e-mail again, this time the writer did not even bother editing it. I did not summit it, as I was sure it would have a bad fail.

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I applied for an extension and did it myself. I made an serious complaint and they only offered me the credit for 6 months toward the next order, PLUS, in order to able to use the credit, the next order has to be more than what I paid for that essay.

Despites my repeatedly saying that essay was far below the standard and the writer did not have the related degree in my subject, thus I strongly feel I deserve a full refund, or at least a no time limited full credit I can use toward my next order, but they refused, saying the offer they made was already beyond what they could have offered, and I was lucky.

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