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May TOK prescribed essay titles Thoughts on the May TOK prescribed essay titles The following thoughts on the May TOK prescribed titles are provided as suggestions only of how you approach the prescribed titles. The nature of TOK means that there are many ways of interpreting a question; the important thing is that you identify and explore hrlp own knowledge questions, and support your discussion with real life situations that you have taken from your experiences as a learner, and examples that you have read about.

In the interests of essay honesty, you should not reproduce any of the text you see below. Our free newsletter rounds up the best of these, which you can subscribe to by following the links on the site. We also produce awhich goes into much more depth on the implications and different perspectives of these RLSs. You can sign up for this in the resources shop of the site, or the Facebook page.

There is no such thing as a neutral question. Evaluate this statement with reference to two areas of knowledge. A quick look in any dictionary will give you a workable definition of this word — its essential meaning is unbiased, non-partisan, or something that does not take sides.

Tok essay help 2015

In other words, the prescribed title is suggesting that questions within the different areas of knowledge lead us in a certain direction, and have some sort of agenda. What are the difficulties and challenges of the question?

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Although it may seem at first sight that this is a prescribed title that is easy to refute, the more you explore the different areas of knowledge, the more you find that it is very difficult to escape the kind of biases that produce leading questions. You could argue that the search for knowledge is in itself an agenda: If you subscribe to this view, then it would be virtually impossible to counter the claim in the prescribed title. What sort of real life situations could be 22015 on? Which perspectives and implications could be considered? For thoughts and ideas on these aspects of the essay, consult our.

The first suggests that the knower makes no impact on the phenomenon he or she is studying. This might be related to knowledge that has to be tok essay help 2015 through discovery, but which exists in its own right.

The second suggests that the knower is able to manipulate, and perhaps even help to determine, the outcome of what they are studying. This could be more related to knowledge that needs to be created in some way.

The wording took the title mean that you write a fairly descriptive essay, talking about how you personally have been influenced by different areas of knowledge, and you should be careful not to fall hel this trap. What is your short answer to the prescribed title, your thesis. If you're considering answering topic 2 of the May ToK essay titles, then I'd be delighted to receive your email: There is no such thing as a neutral question.

But the question is not dealing solely with these two forms of producing knowledge, and asking which is the more effective form of knowledge generation — an easy mistake to make. It is asking whether there are other ways in which we can produce knowledge.

The essay provides no indication of how many areas of knowledge or ways of knowing should be focused 2105, which means that it will be very easy to produce an essay that is broad and very shallow. It also requires those answering it to produce the right balance between the areas of knowledge, and ways of knowing — the focus of the title is on the first, but it will be necessary to utilize the latter to provide context.

The first of these implies the different areas of knowledge, and the second means the principles and rules behind them.

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We can therefore distil the essential meaning of this prescribed title to: In common with others from the exam session, this prescribed title does not define any clear parameters for the essay. Examining the extent to which areas of knowledge and ways of knowing overlap could take a lifetime and more to assess, so you should have several focus points in mind before you start.

Tok essay help 2015

Essays answering this question may also end up example-driven partly because of abovewith knowledge question discussion fitted in around real life situations, rather than real life situations used to support the discussion. Be clear about the relationship that should exist between your ideas and the way you should justify them if you are going to take "tok essay help 2015" essy title. With reference to two areas of knowledge discuss the way in which shared knowledge can shape personal knowledge.

The IB identifies two types of shared knowledge: Personal knowledge, in contrast, is gained by our own experiences, education, backgrounds, and so on. The big difference between the two is that personal knowledge is harder to share, hslp because it is possessed by us alone, does not rely so heavily on linguistic forms of tok essay help 2015. Although this does specify two areas of knowledge, shared knowledge and personal knowledge means essentially all knowledge, so essayy, the boundaries gelp this essay are wide-ranging. So whilst there is undoubted potential to run with this question and do something hepp creative, there is also the danger that your essay will end up being very unfocused, and lacking in both depth and detail.

The wording of the title mean that you write a fairly descriptive essay, talking about how you personally have been influenced by different areas of knowledge, and you should be careful not to fall into this trap. Connected to this, it may be hard to identify and develop clear counterclaims, given that its fairly clear that shared knowledge does play a huge role in shaping our personal hellp.

Although none of the prescribed titles this session have an area of knowledge or way of knowledge specified for consideration, this one comes essya close.

Tok essay help 2015

So the question is asking you to look at the extent to which the knowledge produced by this way of knowing is affected by the others. Not only do you need to assess how at least three ways of knowing interact, you also need to consider more than one area of knowledge to show that this interaction may vary according to the context of the knowledge. So although this is in some ways the most specific of all the questions, it is still potentially a wide-ranging essay.

Writing essay primarily on ways of knowing often leads to vague knowledge questions, and non-specific real life situations. There are quite a few command terms to contend with in this prescribed title. The potential scope of this essay is huge. There are also issues with the wording of the title. This question prompts you to consider your personal life, and how knowledge from the different AOKs adds meaning and rssay to it.

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This may tempt you to approach this as a first order knowledge question — in other words, explain how historical knowledge or scientific knowledge provides you with meaning and purpose for history, perhaps you might consider saying that learning about the past helps you avoid making mistakes in the future; and how in science, medicine has helped cure you of a particular ailment.

All titles are taken from the official list published by the International Baccalaureate. We will respond check this out the best questions we receive. May TOK prescribed essay titles 22nd July


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