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  • In , Charles lost control of the north of England as a result of a major defeat at the Battle of Marston Moor.
  • After defeating Charles II forces, Cromwell turned his order-making eyes toward Parliament.
  • Civil War Essays The Civil War Essay Causes of the Civil War essaysThe primary cause of the Civil War.

She has a master's degree in Education. This lesson will describe the events that led to the rise of Oliver Cromwell's theocracy. It will highlight the English Civil War, the execution of King Charles and the oppressive rule of Cromwell. Introduction to Cromwell As a kid, I remember my parents going out of town and leaving us with this one particular babysitter, Miss Mary. Now, I couldn't stand Miss Mary. She was an old fuddy-duddy who'd come into the house with click to see more own set of rules, acting like she was my mom.

Oliver Cromwell became Lord Protector of England in Like me, English history had its very own Miss Mary. His name was Oliver Cromwell, the force who brought rule and order to England after their civil war.

Homework help english civil war definition

However, while Miss Mary's rules were nothing more than a childhood annoyance, Oliver Cromwell's laws spelled enslavement and death for many within England's realm. However, before we get to this, we need to understand a bit about the English Civil War. English Civil War The English Civil War began in the s.

Englisn believed in the Divine Right of Kings believing he was a representative of God so decided to rule without a Parliament. The English Civil War was as much the response to the effects of the Reformation as it was a response to the needs of the rising middle. Most of the big towns, including London and the south-east, supported Parliament. Roads were no more than tracks and the winter could cut them up to make them beyond use. With the country so divided, it's surprising to note the homework help english civil war definition actually saw very few major battles. A new, third level of content, designed specially to meet the advanced needs of the sophisticated scholar. Take a minute to check out all the enhancements! When he tried to actually arrest members of Parliament, people realized his power had become out of control.

It was a fight between King Charles I and the English Parliament. Although there were many mitigating factors, the long and short of it was neither party could stand the other. Charles was tired of Parliament thinking they had the right to tell him what to do. Parliament was tired of Charles taxing his people, fraternizing with Catholics and using the English court system as his very own hall monitor.

When Charles actually locked Parliament out and refused to let them meet, it didn't take long for anger to escalate. When he tried to actually arrest members of Parliament, people realized his power had become out of control.

Definition help civil english homework war has been

This realization led to a civil war, which divided England. Those in London and the southeast favored the parliamentary forces, while those in the north and southwest were royalists, or simply loyal to the king. In the first years of the war, the royalists had the upper-hand. Without a firm leader to institute order, the parliamentary forces were headed for defeat. Enter Oliver Cromwell, an educated Puritan of the upper-class. One of Oliver's first orders of business was to restructure the parliamentary forces. Under his leadership, a soldier's placement in the military was based on his ability and not his status in society.

Homework help english civil war definition

In other words, the guys with the most skill made Cromwell's starting line-up. This became known as the New Model Army. With this restructuring, the parliamentary forces became a force to be reckoned with. When the New Model Army met King Charles at the Battle of Naseby, Cromwell's men won the day.

Not only did they win, they left the battlefield with most of the king's men either dead or imprisoned. Making this defeat even more of a trouncing, they also captured the king's stock of guns and ammunition. Without weapons, and only a very few men, it became obvious King Charles was no match for Cromwell and his forces. Being unwilling to officially surrender to parliamentary forces, Charles fled to Scotland. Unfortunately for the bedraggled king, the Scots were more inclined to take the side of Cromwell and his forces.

Not only did they refuse to help King Charles, they turned him over to the English Parliament. King Charles I was beheaded for treason in Since Charles had obviously lost, you'd expect him to play nice. Ironically, he did the exact opposite.

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Even though he learn more here in the custody continue reading his enemies, he still worked to rally followers to his cause. Since Charles was completely unwilling to relent, Cromwell pulled out the big guns. He and several other members of Parliament called for Charles to be put on trial for high treason.

Realizing Charles would never give up, Cromwell felt England would never heal while Charles remained alive.

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In a shocking historical move, he rallied support for the execution of the king! In the yearKing Charles I, of royal blood, was beheaded for high treason. Cromwell as Lord Protector After the death of King Charles, his son, Charles II, tried to gain the crown. However, Cromwell's forces made short work of him. After defeating Charles II forces, Cromwell turned his order-making eyes toward Parliament. This time he'd use his religious beliefs to shape the country.

InCromwell go here Parliament and became Lord Protector homework help english civil war definition England. In other words, he was the guy in charge. Since he was a Puritan, or an extremely fundamental English Calvinist, he used his strict Puritan beliefs to make England a theocracy, or a system of government in which a person rules in the name of God.

To keep control of his theocracy, Cromwell divided England up into 11 areas.

Why did the English Civil War start?

Over each area, he placed trusted soldiers from his New Model Army. Their job was to enforce his new laws. Laws to Persecution Cromwell believed women and girls should dress in a modest manner. Under his rule, make-up and brightly colored dresses were banned. He also felt hard work was necessary for salvation of the soul.

Therefore, entertainments, like many movie theaters were closed and most sports were banned. Since Sunday was an especially holy day, boys caught playing sports on this day would be whipped, while women caught doing needless work would find themselves in the stocks. When it came to holidays, Homework help english civil war definition thought most were nothing more than pagan parties.

Christmas was a real sore spot. Since most people celebrated Christmas with yummy food and parties, Cromwell felt they were ignoring the birth of Christ. To remedy this, he sent soldiers to confiscate any foods being merrily cooked or any decorations being happily displayed. Hmmm… this sounds a bit familiar. Up to this point, it seems like Cromwell's rules as Lord Protector were definitely boring, but not horribly vicious. Since he allowed for religious toleration within most of England, it seems like he may have just been a religious guy who went a bit overboard.

However, his strict social rules were just the tip of the iceberg. Beneath them was a festering hatred for the Catholic faith, which came to light in his dealings with Catholic Ireland. Seeing Catholics as potential more info to his Protestant realm, Cromwell persecuted them. This was especially true of Irish Catholics, whom he ruthlessly slaughtered. Not content with merely killing the adults, Cromwell had many Catholics, even children, rounded up and sent to the West Indies as slaves.


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