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It is a sub discipline of management science and is concerned with human behavior in an organizational environment. Initially it was hypothesized in the earlier development time of management and later it was established as a separate stream of management. It is a study of human behavior including individual and group behavior and its effect on an organization. This information is utilized to understand the basic nature of the whole organizational functioning which is an important factor of management.

It is human tool for the human benefit. It applies broadly to behavior of people in all type of organization such as business, government, schools, etc. It is studied in four sections— individual behavior, group behavior, organizational structure and organizational functions. This study provides the primary data to understand the whole organizational behavior which plays the most important role in organization performance. Organizational behavior depends on organizational behavior homework help assignment policies, values, vision, infrastructure, culture and environment of organization.

It provides the suggestions and helps this web page improve the social relations and working proficiency of employees so that company can perform better. It is studied through a model. There are four major models—Autocratic, Custodial, Supportive and Collegial by which organization executes its decisions and actions.

Although these are different from one another but these are used combined to determine the organizational behavior. Organizational behavior has following fundamental concepts which are used to evaluation and utilize the nature of people in favor of origination. These are— Individual difference, Whole person, Motivation and Human dignity.

It uses various methods to understand the organizational studies such as qualitative research methodology, complexity organizational behavior homework help assignment, multiple regression, statistics, time series analysis and computer simulations etc. Leadership is an important topic in Organisation Behaviour..

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XML Means eXtensible Markup Language. XML is made to transport as well as store data. XML is essential to understand and very simple to learn. XML Queries XQuery is made to be considered a small, easily implementable language. XQuery is flexible enough to query a broad spectrum of XML information xml homework help, including both databases and documents. XQuery identifies the human-readable syntax for that language Xml homework help fundamental foundation associated with XQuery is the expression XQuery is a functional language XQuery is a strongly-typed language Different Query Languages For XML XPath And XQL: SELECT-FROM-WHERE pattern for restructuring data OQL: There are two special cases of transformation: The output document is an XML document.

The output document is a byte stream..

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ODBC and data linking connections Add-in creation Loan, Mortgage Calculations, Schedules - Amortization Tables - ARM, FRM Pearson and MyITLab projects Simnet Homework Help And many more… Applications such as Microsoft Access and Microsoft Word can work with MS Excel. The most widely used option microsoft excel homework help Dynamic Data Exchange, Object Linking as well as Embedding option are also widely used where the users of one MS Office application can exploit the capabilities of the other.

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Oh, and the monster wasn't named Frankenstein. But if you ask us, the real story of Frankenstein is way, way cooler: During the summer ofeighteen-year-old Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin was hanging out in a Swiss lake house with her lover and future husband Percy Bysshe Shelley; famous English poet, Lord Byron; and Byron's doctor John Polidori. And some others, but those are the important names.

It was a bummer of a vacation, since the eruption of Indonesian volcano Mount Tambora disrupted weather patterns so severely that became known as the " Year Without Summer. What do you do. You have a ghost story contest. Lord Byron challenged everyone to write the scariest, freakiest, spookiest story they could come up with. Byron wrote a few fragments. And Mary Godwin gelp a vision she claims that she turned into one of the most famous horror grankenstein in English literature: Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus.

Let's back up for a second: Mary Click here Godwin wasn't just any eighteen-year-old. She was the daughter of two seriously smart people: Mary Wollstonecraftwho wrote basically the first work of English feminism ever not to mention a bunch of political philosophy about human rights in general ; and William Godwinan atheist, anarchist, and radical who wrote novels homewoek essays attacking conservatism and the aristocracy and whose Caleb Williams probably influenced Frankenstein.

Just imagine their frankensetin table conversations. Our point is, Mary Godwin wasn't some girl writing gothic fan fiction in her LiveJournal. She may have been only eighteen, but she was seriously engaging with major intellectual questions of the time, like: Should there be limits to scientific inquiry. What's the relationship between human rationality and human emotion.

What's the role of the individual in relation to society, or to the family. The result was Frankenstein, a horror story about what happens when one man's desire for scientific discovery and immortality goes horribly wrong—and what happens to society's outcasts. With Percy's support and the help of his extensive vocabulary, whether she asked for it or notshe expanded her short story into a novel and published it in The critics didn't exactly go wild, but it was popular enough to be republished as a one-volume edition in Only Shelley wasn't the same bright-eyed 21 year old she'd been in Byshe had lost her husband and two of her children, and the revised edition has a grimmer tone.

In the text, nature is a destructive machine; Victor is a victim of fate, not free will; and families are not so much happy and supportive as claustrophobic and oppressive. She made so many changes, in fact, that there's a real question about which version we should be reading. Shmoop is sticking with the edition, because that's the one most people read. Why Should I Care. Frankenstein is basically responsible for the genre of science fiction, has seared our collective cultural imagination, has inspired countless monster movies Tim Burton 's among themHalloween costumes, parodies, TV characters think shows like Scooby Doo and The Munstersand achieved all-around legend status.

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Materials handling A combination of utilities such as materials, staff, equipment and technology are used in operations management. Operation manager is responsible for acquiring, developing and delivering goods to its visit web page. They use numerous formulas such as the economic order quantity formula to determine smooth inventory process. Operations management applies its strategic concepts to local and global trends, customer demand and the available resources for production.

It is responsible for finding vendors who supply effective goods at reasonable prices and have the ability to deliver the product when needed. Supply dissertation operations management homework help management and logistics is the main foundation of Operation management. To know the client demand properly, we have to understand the global trends in supply chain management. Logistics is used for the selection of resources. Operation manager plays an important role in the Operation management. Operation manager is responsible for enhancing and driving the productivity of a product. He is the one who is able to understand the process series in a company.

The topics include concepts, techniques and tools to design, analyze and improve operational capabilities of an organization. It covers application domains and industries such as electronics, online services, sustainability, insurance, health care, retail, fashion, automotive, manufacturing.

The concepts include process analysis and innovation, capacity analysis, inventory management, postponement, production control, supply chain design, coordination, and sustainability, operational risk, quality management, revenue management and pricing. Link major responsibility of operations management is to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in business operations in terms of using resources as needed and timely meeting the customer requirements.

Operations management is basically concerned with managing the processes which converts inputs into outputs i. The major concerns of operations management are development, acquisition and utilization of resources that are required to deliver goods and services to the clients. Operations management covers the following three levels: Strategic Level- The strategic level covers issues such as deciding the location and size of manufacturing plants, determining the structure of telecommunication networks and mapping the supply chain technologies.

Tactical Level- The tactical level covers issues such as project management methods, plant structure and layout and equipment selection etc. Operational Level- The operational level covers issues such as materials handling, inventory management, production scheduling, production control, quality control and inspection, traffic handling and developing equipment maintenance policies.

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