Organizational behavior homework help assignment


It is a sub discipline of management science and is concerned with human behavior in an organizational environment.

Organizational behavior homework help assignment

Initially it was hypothesized in the earlier development time of management and later it was established as a separate stream of management. It is a study of human behavior including individual and group behavior and its effect on an organization.

This information is utilized to understand the basic nature of the whole organizational functioning which is an important factor of management. It is human tool for the human benefit.

Better behavior homework help assignment organizational will constitute

It applies broadly to behavior of people in all type of organization such as business, government, schools, etc. It is studied in four sections— individual behavior, group behavior, organizational structure and organizational functions.

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This study provides the primary data to understand the whole organizational behavior which plays the most important role in organization performance. Organizational behavior depends on organizational behavior homework help assignment policies, values, vision, infrastructure, culture and environment of organization.

It provides the suggestions and helps this web page improve the social relations and working proficiency of employees so that company can perform better. It is studied through a model.

There are four major models—Autocratic, Custodial, Supportive and Collegial by which organization executes its decisions and actions. Although these are different from one another but these are used combined to determine the organizational behavior. Organizational behavior has following fundamental concepts which are used to evaluation and utilize the nature of people in favor of origination.

These are— Individual difference, Whole person, Motivation and Human dignity. It uses various methods to understand the organizational studies such as qualitative research methodology, complexity organizational behavior homework help assignment, multiple regression, statistics, time series analysis and computer simulations etc. Leadership is an important topic in Organisation Behaviour.


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