Phd thesis on power quality

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Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Anantapuram Completed Date: The past several years have seen a rapid increase powerr power electronics-based loads connected to low and medium voltage power distribution systems. These loads draw non-sinusoidal current from the mains, degrading the power quality by causing harmonic distortion. Link thesis proposes a three phase Shunt Hybrid Active Filter SHAF topology for harmonic reduction thessis phd thesis factor improvement in low and medium voltage power distribution systems. The phx Quality topology interconnects a three phase shunt active filter and tuned passive filters in parallel with the load.

For low voltage system 3-arm universal bridge voltage source inverter is used thssis active filter and in medium voltage system asymmetric cascaded seven level inverter ACSLI is used as voltage source inverter. The uniqueness of the proposed topology is the fact that it improves the harmonic filtering performance of a basic shunt tehsis power filter, as well as simultaneously improves the power factor by injecting reactive power at the point of common coupling PCC. The compensation current reference for the proposed SHAF topology is obtained by using synchronous reference power theorem.

This theorem simplifies the equations for the current reference estimation in d-q co-ordinates thus leading to a more efficient and fast computation. To generate the compensation current that follows the current reference, the hysteresis current control method is adopted for 2-level VSI in low voltage system and constant switching frequency subharmonic pulse width modulation CSFSHPWM is used for asymmetric cascaded seven level inverter ACSLI in medium voltage power distribution qualiyt.

Fuzzy logic controller is adopted to maintain constant dc bus voltage at the dc buses of two level inverter and ACSLI. This work describes the design of the proposed SHAF circuit topology which includes shunt active filter SAFcontrol strategy of shunt active filter and tuned passive filter TPF..

Phd thesis on talent management

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Considering the broad tolerance of most tree species to variations in soil click, soils should not represent a major constraint for the northward shift of tree species. Locally or regionally, soil properties may constrain species migration. The purpose of an annotated bibliography is to evaluate the quality of different sources..

Phd thesis on sustainable development

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None of these central issues can be understood from phd thesis on sustainable development sole perspective of a traditional discipline, whether in the social, natural, engineering or health sciences. The purpose of the Ph. Housed at the School of International and Public Affairs SIPAthe Ph. Many graduates will pursue academic careers in interdisciplinary graduate and undergraduate programs with a focus on policy and the environment as well as in the more traditional social science disciplines. Others will choose nonacademic positions, taking leadership roles in government click in the United States and throughout the world, working on environmental theesis sustainable development policy sustaianble NGOs; in international institutions such as the IMF and the World Bank; or in private firms engaged in environmental and development projects.

The course structure is designed to combine flexibility to pursue an individual field of study, with the development of broad-based skills and knowledge. Together with experts and faculty at Columbia, students in the sevelopment conduct research in a wide variety of areas including climate change and its social consequences, causes and solutions to extreme poverty, energy systems, agricultural transitions, water resources, infectious disease, global demographic change, ecosystems, disasters and conflict.

Ten core courses are required, including three develpment courses, two social science electives, and a coherent sequence of four natural science courses, for a minimum total of 60 credits. Politics of Sustainable Development U Environmental and Resource Economics U Environmental Science for Sustainable Development U Macroeconomic Policy Microeconomic Analysis I and II G - G Introduction to Econometrics I and II G - G A third course in Quantitative Analysis In addition to course work, students participate in integrative seminars throughout the first three years of the program, and fulfill a teaching and research requirement.

This entails six semesters of work as a teaching assistant or a research assistant, as assigned by the director sustalnable the program. Students must complete the MA thesis which should address a problem in sustainable development using data and methodologies from the four natural science courses completed in the first two years of the program.

Finally, students will take an Orals Exam leading to the MPhil Degreein addition to presenting and defending a PhD dissertation. The PhD dissertation will be on a social science topic in sustainable development. Faculty The program is co-directed by Professor Jeffrey Sachs and Professor Joseph Stiglitz. Faculty who participate develolment the program by advising students, click in required courses or serving on committees, etc. There are currently four departments closely associated with the Earth Institute that are excellent sources of science course sequences and faculty advising for this PhD program.

These are the Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology E3B and Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences DEES in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences; Phd thesis on sustainable development of Environmental Health Sciences EHS at the Mailman School of Public Health; and Department of Phd thesis on sustainable development and Environmental Engineering DEEE DEEE at the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science SEAS. The Students Students in SIPA's Sustainable Development PhD program come from a wide variety of backgrounds and are working on a diverse set of research topics.

Current students have backgrounds in geography, environmental science, civil engineering, economics, sustainagle and physics. Most students hold learn more here degrees, and most have professional experience.

Phd thesis results

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In search of Management thesis for free PhD Thesis Writing: Discussion Sections "Phd thesis results" composing a PhD thesis or dissertation, proper organization and formatting is absolutely essential. Dissertations and theses are organized in specific chapters, each of which has particular content and style expectations which should not be disregarded. If you want your PhD committee to swiftly approve your paper, you must follow the proper guidelines and place the correct information in each particular section, from the Introduction to the Appendices.

Two of the most challenging sections to create are the Results and Discussion sections. Each reviews the existing findings and contextualizes them for the reader, but they do so in completely different ways. Make sure to create both chapters and include the proper information in each. Here are some tips. The Results Section The Results section of your dissertation should be the first place in the paper where you reference your empirical findings.

This section should be highly empirical and statistical, with little space devoted to theory or criticism. Remind the reader of your hypotheses in this section, and then slowly go about testing each individual hypothesis, in order, using the statistical procedures you outlined in your research proposal. Describe your findings in simple, ope-rationalized language. Give each hypothesis test its own header, and recap what you predicted, then state clearly what you found.

Indicate to the reader whether each hypothesis was supported or not supported. Describe the findings in continue reading of the exact measurement methods you used. The Discussion Section Following your clear, simply description of your results, your next chapter should be the Discussion.

In this section, you should make theoretical sense of the findings. Results do the findings mean for the broader click to see more community. What do your results suggest about how this phenomenon works, or what the exceptions to the theory might be. Recap some of the preexisting research you cited in your Introduction chapter, and find a way to blend your new results with the existing literature. Tell a theoretical, conceptual story. Use conceptual language rather than referring to the exact measurement methods.

Consider future directions for your research and briefly propose new studies..

Phd thesis on financial analysis

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Enjoy the beautiful views of the Hinterland while staying in a cabin, retreat, spa, castle or luxury chalets. Read about your Hinterland accommodation options. Check out our list of the main Gold Coast tourist attractions. FREE Stuff to do on the Gold Coast There's the beach of course, they don't charge you to use that, in fact in most places they don't even charge you to park on the waterfront, but if you're looking for a budget holiday, there's plenty of free stuff to do on the Gold Coast.

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Book a Gold Coast cruise online and save. Theme Parks The big four, which you've probably heard of, are DreamworldSea World, Movie World and Wet'n'Wild, but there are quite a few more. Pat a koala, watch some outback horsemen and woman race around a flnancial, mingle with the native birds: Read more about Gold Coast Theme Parks. Gold Coast Beaches The Gold Coast has phd thesis on financial analysis than 70km of fantastic beaches, and Surfers Paradise is home to the 'best beach in the world'.

Getting to a Gold Coast beach is pretty easy - head east and anallysis get wet. There's plenty of activities to keep the family busy - take a scenic drive up Mount Tamborine, visit Thunderbird Park, or go on a winery tour: Read more about the the Gold Coast Hinterland..

Phd thesis theoretical framework

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STEP FOUR Set the theoretical model for your dissertation By this point in STAGE FIVE, you should understand the broader literature within which your main journal article and chosen route fit i. It is now time to use this knowledge to set the theoretical model for your dissertation i. The terms conceptual framework and frameework model are often used interchangeably, but we prefer to view conceptual frameworks as a tool more often used in qualitative research, with theoretical models being something that we try to build in quantitative research.

Theoretical models are useful in order to: Literature Reviewwhich brings together your research hypotheses, theories, and constructs that have been critically discussed in a way that can be clearly tested. Ultimately, theoretical models are useful frameworks for you and the people reading your dissertation, helping to describe what ftamework are studying in a clear, succinct, and fheoretical way. They provide an overall picture of what you research is trying to achieve. Unfortunately, theoretical models are often poorly constructed because they fail to illustrate the links between theory, the constructs you should have identified, and the hypotheses and their predictions, if any that you will have constructed.

However, by the end of STEP FOUR, you should be able to adopt or modify the theoretical model put forward in the main journal article, or create a new theoretical model from scratch. Phd thesis theoretical framework you are following Route A: Duplication or Route Thdsis Generalisation, you should be able to adopt, or at most modify the theoretical model put forward in the main journal article.

However, if a a theoretical phd thesis theoretical framework is tgesis included in the main journal article, b the theoretical model proposed is unclear, or c you are following Route C: Extension, you may need to create your own theoretical model. If you plan to simply adopt the theoretical model put forward in the main journal article, you can skip STEP FOUR and move onto STAGE SIX: Setting your research strategy. However, to learn more about modifying such a theoretical model, and theorerical, creating a theoretical model, follow the theotetical steps below:.

Phd thesis islamic banking

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Islamic banking within the financial development of Malaysia Gower, Paul Antony Islamic banking within the financial development of Malaysia. Doctoral thesis, Durham University. Preview Kb Abstract Islamic banking is based on the Muslim precept that interest, riba, is prohibited. In an Islamic Bank named Bank Islam was established in Malaysia. This was the first Islamic bank to be supported by a Government and be legislatively accommodated within a mixed financial system.

It has succeeded in mobilizing funds from the general public and corporate sector and has introduced a wide range of relatively sophisticated financial services in a short period of time. As with other Islamic banks. Bank Islam's operations have relied upon the use of Islamic pre determined financial instruments. These instruments, however, are regarded with superstition by Islamic economists who contend that Islamic banks should base phd thesis islamic banking operations solely on the profit-sharing principles of mudarabah and musharakah. Within the financial development of Malaysia, the introduction of an Islamic bank can be regarded as an extension of the, "Supply-following," phd thesis islamic banking, "Malayani-sation," policies pursued since independence by the Central Bank Bank Negara.

The supply-leading policy is based on the theory that active government development of the financial system will induce economic growth. For example, the savings generated from Bank Islam depositors who as Muslims were previously check this out the opportunity to save in a riba-dominated systemwill be used in investments within the economy. Bank Islam, however, has had a qualitative, rather than quantitive impact upon financial development, being a development consistent with the Government's policy of building an economy and financial system that meets the indigenous needs.

In the case of Bank Islam, this means the indigenous needs of the Muslims..

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