Describing a messy room essay writer


Descriptive essay about a dorm room Extracts from this document I stop at the door to my room and think about how crazy it's been living there.

Its been hectic living in the same room with two brothers when wfiter room is not gargantuan. I finally walk in and its like stepping into a disaster zone. Middle My section of the room is freaky because it is actually clean most of the time and I think of myself as being messy.

Describing a messy room essay writer

The strange thing about the music coming from our stereos is that it fits each section of my room. Write walls and ceiling are the only two things we do not divide between ourselves. On two walls there are posters of our favorite sports teams ranging from the Yankees to the Bills.

Describing a messy room essay writer

On the other two walls there are posters of each describung our favorite bands ranging from Nirvana to Source Hot Chili Peppers. Conclusion The three dressers are three different sizes. My younger brother has the smallest dresser, I have the middle sized dresser, and my older has the largest describing a messy room essay writer dresser.

He spent most of his days locked away in a tower, carving pictures in the stone walls. It was a magical place filled with many expressions and vivid detail. Roim covered my stereo stand, posters on the wall, computer blaring with a white screen; these things reflected my personality. When my name was finally called, I went back

The closet is divided into three sections just like most of the things in my room. There are all kinds of different things in my room that is mine and my brothers?. The music, posters, beds, and dressers are not even close to everything located in my room.

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These other things are about five CD players and more than CDs to listen to. There are also two desks, three book shelves, one TV, video games, and lots of baseball, football, and soccer trophies. All these odds and ends somehow fit in my relatively small room.

Describing a messy room essay writer

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